More about my children's books

I love stories and believe that children’s books are probably the most important books there are!

I write middle grade and early chapter books that are set in South Africa (but that’s not to say they are only for South African children!) I just felt that South African children deserve to see their lives and their landscapes reflected in the pages of a book too, because that is part of the magical experience of reading.

You can find out more about my books and where to get them below.



Katie lives in the town of Witchfield and likes being ordinary and fitting in. Unfortunately for her, she has a mother who stands out like a sore thumb! Plus some very out-of-the-ordinary, rather magical things begin happening to her. On top of that, her best friend, Mayuri, isn’t her best friend anymore, a sinister sponsorship programme is brainwashing everyone at school and her mother is acting way more crazy than usual.

The only person who seems to understand her is a mysterious cleaning lady at school. 

Then she teams up with Themba, the cleverest (and most unpopular) boy in school, and together their investigation of these strange events takes them deep into the town’s abandoned mine.

What they find there is more terrible than they could have imagined. Can they save Witchfield before it’s too late?

Tilly & Thandeka: The Ancient Crown of Ghana


Adventures only happen to adults and children in story books. Or do they?

Tilly is a girl who dreams of adventures. When she is sent to live with her mysterious explorer Aunt in her old house atop a sugar cane hill, she has no idea what to expect. She finds a house full of books and strange artefacts, the odd delicious biscuit, an absent-minded aunt often away on adventures, a border collie called Livingston and Thandeka, a new friend.

Then the valuable crown of ancient Ghana is stolen from a museum exhibition. Tilly and Thandeka begin to connect the dots and fall headlong into their first adventure, but will they be brave enough to make it through?

Tilly & Thandeka:
The Butterfly Spy


Tilly and Thandeka are two friends with a talent for solving mysteries.  They know that having adventures means sticking together, thinking on your feet, being brave even if you are scared and most importantly, trusting your instincts when you meet someone suspicious.

Their next adventure takes them into the amazing world of butterfly collecting at the Coastal Museum and becomes a race against time to save a rare butterfly. They quickly figure out that there is a spy in their midst, but what if no one else believes them?

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