A Creative Writing Course for Kids

Kids, are you bored? Is your brain fizzing with imagination that has no where to go? Do you have a creative itch that you just can’t seem to scratch?


Then Story-building: A Creative Writing Course for Kids is for you! This course will teach you the basic building blocks of a good story. Throw in some construction tips and you will be well on your way to crafting an epic adventure or wonderous mystery!

What is Story-building all about?

It’s about having fun, exercising your creative muscle and learning to craft stories of your own. By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Create your own fun, inventive stories
  • Use your imagination and get lost in a fantasy world of your own construction
  • Understand and apply elements such as plot, character and setting to building your own stories
  • Fine-tune your storytelling by considering the effect of narrative voice
  • Use dialogue more effectively
  • Bust boredom with your new-found superhero story-writing powers.
Watch the video below to see what it is all about.

Click here to enrol now and get writing!

The course has found a home on Udemy which makes it easier and safer to use and manage. If you would like to buy my course, please use this link as I’m credited with the sale.

Stay in touch!

Once the young writer is enrolled, I would love to hear from them and, if they are happy, to show-off some of their work on my Instagram!