Colouring pages,worksheets and more


I always get a little sad when I’ve finished a book I’ve enjoyed. It feels a bit like a goodbye. So, in this section I’ve decided to create some resources to make those stories last a little longer so that you don’t have to say goodbye just yet.

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If you’ve enjoyed following Katie and Themba on their adventures in Witchfield, or if you’ve enjoyed solving mysteries with Tilly and Thandeka, then you will find some exciting extras. Enjoy!

At some point in their lives, every reader hits a reading slump (filled with moping, moaning and frustration). Here is a handy (and beautifully illustrated) poster on how to escape a reading slump – just click on the button below. You can also read the full article of tips here.


I had so much fun writing Hadeda And The Storm, a fable for the “Our Stories Your Language” project by Ethnikids and Wimpy, that I absolutely had to share a “how to guide” here! 

Writing a fable is loads of fun and super easy to do if you follow these six easy steps. 

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