Download my latest book

Life can be tough. We get grumpy and sad. We forget to notice the little things around us – moments of joy and beauty, the things that give us breath to keep going. 

This is my latest book and I’ve decided to release it for free because I want it to be one of those “little things” that makes your day better. Not just the story, but the moment of pausing, sitting down with a cup of tea or coffee to read, maybe with a little one on your lap to enjoy together.

What is it about?

It’s a quirky story about a girl trapped between fate and her dreams. It’s filled with whimsical circus life, some sad clowns, a birthday cake flop, finding funniness in the mundane, following dreams, getting lost and coming home. And it’s full of wonderful illustrations by the amazing Cristy Zinn!

You can sign up below to get it for free.