How to get lost in a book - Final November workshop!

I’m excited to announce that the SA teacher union,Naptosa, will be repeating my workshop How to Get Lost in a Book: Pathways for Guiding Young Readers. It’s designed to equip teachers with a map of children’s literature that will help them navigate into the colourful world of children’s books and in doing so, help them become better guides for the young readers in their classrooms.


What are the outcomes? Participants will:

-Gain a deeper understanding of what literature for children is

-Identify the elements and characteristics of stories for children 

-Develop a deeper understanding of reading for pleasure 

-Discuss didacticism vs pleasure in approaches to children’s literature

-Understand the role of enabling adult and how to encourage reading

-Value and encourage diversity in children’s literature

-Gain a stronger sense of direction or reorientation towards children’s literature


Who is it for?

-South African teachers in the Foundation and Intermediate Phases

-teachers who are concerned with the reading crisis

-teachers who want to learn more about children’s literature and relevant topics in that field

-teachers who want to foreground a love of reading in their classrooms


Where do these pathways into the world of children’s literature lead? 

To adventure, definitely. To far away lands and distant planets. To the twists and turns of an exciting mystery, for sure. But the most important aspect of these pathways is to show children how to “get lost in a book”: that delicious, totally immerse experience where our story and the story of the characters becomes breathlessly close, where the real world recedes for a bit and we completely forget where we are.


Why is this important in the context of education? 

South Africa is facing a reading crisis where more than 78% of Grade 4 children can’t read for meaning in any language. To overcome the crisis and produce readers, we need more than just children who have mastered the basic mechanics of reading; we need children who want to read and who will willingly practice this skill. We need to reconceptualise and centre the pleasure of reading.


How do I join?

-It is facilitated by me

-13 November 2023 15:00-17:00 (SAST), online

-It’s open to all union members and nonmembers 

-Participants receive a 20% discount on books from

-Click here for more info and to register

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