Can We Talk About Enid Blyton?

Can We Talk About Enid Blyton? I’ve been sorting through the piles and piles of children’s books at home and came across a good couple of Enid Blyton’s. That brought up a cloud of memories – both my own reading history and that of my now 11-year-old daughter! I remember how the Faraway Tree and The Secret Seven held her […]

“Children are made readers in the laps of their parents”

I always like to begin my classes on children’s literature by asking students to reflect on their own experiences of being read to as a child, to look back at the books that built them.

But you know what? Every year I’m taken aback by how few have this experience, reminding me that it is not something to be taken for granted.

The apparent simplicity of language: the text and its shadow

I am a reader.

An avid reader of children’s books and an avid reader of books about children’s books. This means I often get myself bogged down with particular details about writing that is aimed at children and what exactly makes it “literature for children” and not “literature for adults” or just “literature”.